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November 21, 2008

Random useless fact

I saw this on TV last night (so it must be true). A few decades ago a food scientist miscalculated the iron content of spinach, which lead to it being listed as having 10x the iron content that it really has. Around this time the Popeye cartoon was created, and his habit of eating spinach to boost his strength was based on its supposedly high iron content. 

A couple years later the scientist discovered the error and fixed it, but Popeye's characteristic of eating spinach was so much a part of him that they kept it in as part of the cartoon.

And now you know. :-) Go eat your spinach.

October 9, 2008

5 Photography Tips

I know I've posted a lot today but I wanted to pass along this link for the folks who enjoy photography:

Five Tips for Winning Photos

8 things. I mean, 2 things.

My cousin Sarah tagged me in a post called “8 things.” I'm supposed to list 8 things in each of the following categories, but I'm lazy so I'm only doing 2 of each. Actually I was going to do 1 of each but I'm too lazy to change all the plurals below to singular, lol.

2 Things I am passionate about... TV and video games (did I mention the laziness?)

2 "words" or "phrases" I say way to often... dude and seriously

2 Things I want to do before I die... run a shelter for abandoned cats and play hockey (even though I would be terrible at it)

2 Things I have learned from my past... stand up for yourself and make to-do lists so you don’t forget important things

2 Places I would love to see... Washington DC (Smithsonian museums) and Montreux, Switzerland (Freddy Mercury Statue)

2 Things I currently need or want... a new washer/dryer set and a PS3

2 More people I tag... Vicky and Kelly

Go nuts

If you haven't gone insane yet today, this little game should fix that.

October 7, 2008


The Oilers unveiled their new third jerseys today. They're HIDEOUS! They're the old bright-blue and bright-orange with lots of ugly stripes jerseys from the 80s. I may have to miss any games this season when they wear these jerseys. They give me a headache.

Photo available here.

October 5, 2008

Facing the dragons

If you've never watched Dragon's Den on CBC, I highly recommend it. It's on Monday evenings (at 7 pm, I think). The show has 5 real-life Canadian millionaires who made their money building companies in various sectors (pizza, IT, communications, etc.); they're nicknamed the "dragons" on the show.

Then entrepreneurs from around the country come to them with business or product ideas and ask the dragons to invest financially (with their own real-life money). They'll say something like "I'm asking for $250,000 in exchange for a 40% stake in my company" and then they'll make their pitch, demonstrating their invention and business plan, and why it will be a success. Then the dragons, individually or collectively, decide if they want to invest or maybe negotiate a different deal.

If you have any interest in business practices, negotiations, or just curiosity about some of the inventions people have come up with (some great, some crazy!), it's worth a look. It might be one of the smartest shows on TV.

September 29, 2008

Alpha Google

Only true web nerds like me will appreciate this. :-) This link points to an archive of the first alpha version of Google. Their minimalist design goes back to their earliest roots, and has been an important factor in their success, I think. But can you count all the exclamation marks? Seriously! It's! Very! Important! To! Emphasize! Everything! Lol.

September 18, 2008

Dry leaves

One of my favourite things about fall is crunching dry leaves under my feet. It makes me feel like I'm contributing to nature:

-- I physically break down the leaves by stepping on them
-- Microbes and worms chemically break down the leaves by digesting them
-- The digested leaves turn into soil
-- The soil feeds new plants
-- New plants make new leaves
-- New leaves become old leaves and I step on them

I'm pretty sure that's at least half accurate. It's all part of the leaf life cycle, and it's a beautiful thing.

Plus they make cool crunchy noises when you step on them. :-)

September 17, 2008

It's their leisure activity

A couple nights ago I went to the UofA Golden Bears vs Oilers Rookies hockey game with some friends. This game has been a tradition for 21 years and the two teams have been very close during this time: after this year's game, the GBs have won 11 times, the ORs 10 times (including this year). The ORs had a winning streak going back in the early '90s, and the GBs had a winning streak in the early '00s. Otherwise, they've gone back and forth with great regularity.

The Golden Bears have a good solid team and have won a couple of national championships in recent years. It's safe to say they put a lot of work into their games, practices, and fitness training. From what I hear about varsity athletes, they spend all their time either on their schoolwork or their sport. (So long, social life.) And, to hear them tell it, they love it that way.

At the game, there were a couple of loud and opinionated guys sitting behind us. Here's the gist of what they talked about:

1st period: The Oilers Rookies are better players because they spend they're on the ice every day. The Golden Bears players play hockey as their (I'm not kidding you) "leisure activity."

2nd period: The quality of play here is actually pretty good. Go get me another beer.

3rd period: Forget the Oilers. We should go to more GB games because the players are so good and the tickets are so cheap ($12.50 for non-students).

Uh-huh. I agree the GB players are good (I think they outplayed the ORs, even though the ORs won), and the tickets really are a tiny fraction of what you pay for regular Oilers games. But gee, guys, why would you want to spend time and money watching people doing their leisure activities? Sheesh.

September 9, 2008

TV extensions

One of my favourite TV shows, and one of the few sitcoms I watch anymore, is The Office. The show rocks. The show's official website has some neat features too, like short webisodes and some fake PSAs (most of which sucked, but a couple were funny).

But they've gone further. I recently discovered there's a full Dunder Mifflin corporate website, plus one for Dunder Mifflin Infinity. Seriously. Who is going to spend their time looking at a fake company's website, or log in as a fake employee? The stuff I saw there wasn't even funny, it was just boring info about a fake corporation.

Other TV shows have done similar things, like Lost, which has websites for the Dharma Initiative, Hanso Foundation, Oceanic Airlines, and probably more that I don't know about. There was an online game of sorts related to these sites a couple years ago, but otherwise they're pretty pointless.

Call me a TV traditionalist. I just don't get the draw to these fake sites. I mean, I understand about having a website for the show so you can say when the new season starts and show teasers and webisodes and other promotional tie-ins, but why set up a big pointless website for companies that don't exist?