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October 9, 2008

8 things. I mean, 2 things.

My cousin Sarah tagged me in a post called “8 things.” I'm supposed to list 8 things in each of the following categories, but I'm lazy so I'm only doing 2 of each. Actually I was going to do 1 of each but I'm too lazy to change all the plurals below to singular, lol.

2 Things I am passionate about... TV and video games (did I mention the laziness?)

2 "words" or "phrases" I say way to often... dude and seriously

2 Things I want to do before I die... run a shelter for abandoned cats and play hockey (even though I would be terrible at it)

2 Things I have learned from my past... stand up for yourself and make to-do lists so you don’t forget important things

2 Places I would love to see... Washington DC (Smithsonian museums) and Montreux, Switzerland (Freddy Mercury Statue)

2 Things I currently need or want... a new washer/dryer set and a PS3

2 More people I tag... Vicky and Kelly


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